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Neustar plans to migrate all users to the new improved UltraDNS Managed DNS Portal on September 30th, after which all users will be redirected to the new portal. A link back to the Classic Portal will be available on the portal until October 30th. Please begin using the new portal prior to the sunset date, and please let support know if you have any questions. You can log-into the new portal here:

NOTE: If, due to the COVID-19 virus, you require more time to migrate, please contact Support or your Account Team, and we will provide accommodation.

As previously communicated, Neustar is migrating all UltraDNS customers to the new improved portal here This Classic Portal will no longer be available after October 30th, at which time the link from the New Portal to the Classic Portal will be removed. After October 30th, ONLY customers who have requested additional time to migrate due to COVID-19 will have access to the Classic Portal. A URL will be provided for this purpose. If you require additional time to migrate after October 30th due to COVID-19 please contact your account team or Product Support.

Customer Support Portal- For all requests, we encourage you to use our online support ticketing portal which can be accessed at

Contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.